Maison Bengal was set-up in 2004 in order to help fight poverty in Bangladesh, working particularly with mothers and young women.
We work very closely with three fair trade organisations in country, each one best placed to identify the most marginalised communities in their area and provide training in handicraft production. Maison Bengal works with each group separately to utilise their locally grown natural materials and develop their renowned traditional skills. This combined with our contemporary designs has allowed us to produce a comprehensive range of hand woven products.This process has taken many years of commitment and is a rewarding and constant work in progress.
Maison Bengal now works with over five thousand women throughout Bangladesh, happily able to work in their home environment enabling them to care for as well as financially support their families.
Here are some of the human stories we are proud of. We thank all our customers for helping to make them happen.
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Rita Odhikary

Small out-patient clinic